Dangers of ionic air purifiers


Dangers of ionic air purifiers


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The spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic has increased the demand for ionic air purifiers, which dealers describe as the best way to purify the air. But the results of the latest study indicate that it is not.

Building and Environment magazine notes that the most popular ionic air purifiers, including “bipolar ionization devices” – charge particles suspended in the air, which speeds up their deposition. It describes such devices as killing fungi, viruses and bacteria.

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And scientists from the United States indicate that the manufacturers of these devices do not pay much attention to conducting scientific tests for them. What worried researchers was that these devices were rarely tested in real-world conditions. Therefore, it was decided to conduct these neglected tests and publish their results.

To this end, the research team conducted a series of laboratory and field experiments, by collecting samples of purified air using one of the models of dipole ionization devices, offered in the market.

The results showed, the concentration of suspended particles actually decreased, but the ionization process never affected the amount of PM2.5 particles in the air. The amount of volatile organic substances, such as xylene, also decreased in ionized air, and in return for this, the concentration of other compounds such as acetone, toluene and ethanol increased. That is, ionic air purifiers actually “replace” some harmful substances in the air with others.

The researchers add, that suspended particles in the air of offices, schools and public places, can interact with the ions produced by these devices, producing harmful secondary substances such as formaldehyde and ozone.

The experts conclude from this that it is necessary to conduct additional independent tests, in order to study these reactions and their consequences in detail.

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