Dearest Boy .. Talk of children and grandmothers in a family comedy


A family comedy that avoids slips, and moves smoothly between simple comic situations, dealing with relationships between grandmothers, children and grandchildren.

The “black mask” gang, as they call it in the Arabic translated version of the famous “Mickey” stories of Walt Disney, occupies a favorable position among readers, as they are a group of gentle thieves who try in various ways to obtain Uncle Dahab’s money, and although they are thieves and criminals, the readers do not feel Absolutely so, but they love their gullibility and their insistence on carrying out the crime over and over.

In the movie “Dearest Boy”, which was shown on the occasion of Mother’s Day a few days ago on the Shahid platform, we have another gang of witty, humorous, and with them a nice group of children in the title role, playing an acting match next to movie stars Mervat Amin, Sherine, Enaam Salousa and Dalal Abdel Aziz And Sami Maghawry, and with them a group of honorary guests such as Raja Al-Jeddawi, Amr Youssef, Amina Khalil and Tamer Habib.

The film is written by Sherif Naguib and George Azmy, directed by Sarah Noah in her first work, and produced by Shahinaz Al-Najjar and Hani Osama, and filming ended two years ago, and has not been shown since then.

Director Amr Salama – who is participating in the film’s starring – described it as “a family comedy film between goodness and pleasure, except perhaps with the exception of my performance as an actor in it.”

The film tells the story of 4 grandmothers who set out to save their grandchildren after they were kidnapped from a gang, which demands a large ransom, so that the grandmothers also fall into the grip of the gang, and the gang asks their children for a larger sum. But grandmothers have another say, as they devise their own plan to bring down the gang.

During a funny story and light comedy scenes, we approach the relationship of grandmothers with their grandchildren, and we hear from them about their relationship with their children, the most prominent here is Dalal Abdel Aziz, who looks like an authentic Egyptian grandmother, with her veil, her style, and her keen interest in feeding her grandchildren and controlling her children, while Mervat Amin presents a model for the grandmother who She is busy in her life away from her grandchildren and children.

Family comedy

The comedy here is mainly family, it moves away from the comedy of moms, and moves smoothly between simple comic situations, the relationships between grandmothers, children and grandchildren, talk about the delicious food of grandmothers, the concerns of children after marriage, simple relationships of children and their innocent stories.

We approach the different interests of grandmothers from food, children and grandchildren affairs, or entering into romantic relationships in the fall of life, to simple children’s interests, for example the desire of grandson Hassan to attend his friend Faridas birthday.

But these interests quickly change with falling into the gang’s grip, as one grandmother asks the other grandmother Are you happy? Of course, she answers, because the opportunity has finally come to play with the grandchildren, without being occupied by cell phones.

Here we bring back the child versus evil thieves theme, one of the most popular family comedy themes, since Kevin (actor McCauley Calken) fought his fight against two thieves trying to steal his home or steal the Christmas toy store in the famous American movie “Alone at Home”.

A low-cost productivity adventure

This is a cinematic experience that the circumstances did not have access to movie theaters, so the online platforms were an alternative, a productive adventure free of high-paid stars, a group tournament for Egyptian cinema women, and a group of children who represented for the first time, in addition to a number of guests of honor, and its goal is nothing but Providing a comedic light meal for the Arab family.

There is no doubt that it has succeeded well and provides a model for producers in the best way to address the audience of platforms in the Arab world, especially as it comes after the great success of another family comedy series “The Game”.

Greetings to adults

The film ends with a gift to one of its heroines, the actress, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, in a final greeting to a great artist who has always added a smile to the faces of millions with her elaborate performance and spontaneity in the role of the aristocratic lady or in the role of the school principal as in the “dearest boy”.

The film also carries a tribute to the stars of the past, as the artist Ahmed Adawiya sings the song “Sto Basbastlo” (meaning his grandmother prepared him a basbousa dessert) with the star of the karaoke team Amir Eid, to bring together a great artist and a young artist, just as the film brought together grandmothers and children And descendants.

Audience admiration

Although the film was shown without prior publicity, social media users played the role of propaganda, and their publications followed in admiration for the film, as they found in it a family movie free of any vulgarity or vulgarity, which can be guided to make a comic movie smoothly.

Its director, Sarah Noah, commented that she was keen to present the work in a comedic and emotional way, not in a logical way, adding that the film also dealt with the danger of the virtual world and its impact on the isolation of the grandchildren from their grandparents.


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