Despite the easing of the Corona ban, technology companies are not ready to open their offices at this time


Several of the largest tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Twitter and Google, are planning to keep their offices largely closed for more months despite the government allowing them to open with limited capacity, and bearing in mind the decline in coronavirus infections, the San Francisco and Santa Fe counties have eased. Claras guidance has kept most office buildings closed last year except for the critical security and support staff.

As of Wednesday, companies will be allowed to open their offices for up to a quarter of their capacity, while the state mayor, “London Post,” told reporters, “San Francisco will come to life,” and, “When we start reopening, more and more people will want to return to work and they want to.” Being with other people. “

But Silicon Valley companies that committed themselves last year to allowing workers to stay indoors until this summer or indefinitely said they had adhered to their schedules, and cited their own analyzes of public health data, other safety considerations and workers’ preferences, as vaccines, which were inaccessible, were adopted. Except in California for the most vulnerable population, is also a factor but a smaller factor.

Network equipment maker Cisco Systems and file storage service Dropbox said the mandatory work from home policies would remain in place until June, while Box said it was still scheduled to reopen in September, while Pinterest is not looking for a major reopening until at least August, and Google until September and DocuSign Inc not earlier than October.

Twitter, Adobe, PayPal, Twilio, Yelp and Zoom will also remain closed despite what Breed and other local government officials have described as a move to the “orange tier” of the “red level” of California lockdown restrictions.

Among the few companies aiming to take advantage of the easing are SAP SE, which said it is considering reopening its Bay Area offices partially within weeks, and Slack Technologies, which is mulling when to invite some workers again.

Facebook, whose offices remained closed worldwide until July 2, said this month that it would open 10 percent of the seats in Seattle-area offices to help struggling workers at home, and it had no similar news to share about its San Francisco offices.

Microsoft, which announced plans on Monday to partially reopen its Redmond, Washington headquarters next week, also did not immediately comment on the San Francisco sites, while IBM declined to discuss Bay Area plans, but several senior executives at its New York headquarters have begun. Work from their offices with closed doors.


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