Deutsche Telekom loses appeal against EU antitrust fine


Deutsche Telekom and its Slovak unit lost their battle against the antitrust fine imposed nearly a decade ago by law enforcement agencies in the European Union after the European Supreme Court upheld the sanctions, according to Reuters.

The European Commission sentenced the two companies a joint fine of 38.8 million euros ($ 45.8 million) and Deutsche Telekom a further 31 million euros in 2014 fines.

The EU watchdog said the two imposed unfair wholesale rates in Slovakia to pressure broadband competitors in a practice known as margin pressure that lasted more than five years, starting in 2005.

Deutsche Telekom and Slovakia Telecom appealed the decision in the General Court, which in the 2018 ruling lowered Deutsche Telekom’s fine by about a third to 19 million euros and reduced the combined fine to 38.06 million.

However, the operators decided to file an appeal with the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding the points of law.

CJEU canceled the appeal and kept reduced fines for the companies.


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