Diaa El Sayed: I hope Salah stays in Liverpool and the Vita Club match will reach Al-Ahly for the final


Diaa Al-Sayed, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, revealed his wish for the “Ferrari of the Pharaohs”, Mohamed Salah to stay with Liverpool, and Al-Sayed said in statements to the “B On Time” program, “Nobody can guess what is going on in Mohamed Salah’s head. Budgets have hit Europe.” Largely after the Corona crisis and the clubs were put in a very big bind, and I hope that he will continue with Liverpool, he is a crowned king in the English team, and he has become one of the legends of the club, and I do not think that Liverpool will continue to back down and we wish God success For good And to score two goals in Kenya.

Mr. Dia added, Ahmed Yasser Rayan He made a wonderful decision to go to Ceramica with the aim of participating in the Olympics, and yet he joined the first team after his brilliance, and Al-Ahly did not make a mistake in giving him a chance to loan and let the player shine and in the end he will return to the team, and Al-Ahly cannot be blamed for this.

The former Egyptian national team coach indicated that Imam Ashour played in the position of a great player, Fergani Sassi, and gave a great performance, so I advise him not to pay attention to the criticism of the fans, focus on the stadium and his ambition, and to leave the circle of social media, and not make his talent with a short life.

Diya Al-Sayed concluded, Al-Ahly match The Vita Club will be the reason for Al-Ahly’s access to the final of the champions, because he has amended many things and returned the team to the championship correctly, and I like the Al-Ahly administration’s positions. Musimani criticized us a lot, but he presented a distinguished performance in the last match and he must take his right, the disciplinary punishment should not be postponed, which is what he did Al-Ahly with Kahraba.


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