Did Mansour Al-Balawi run for the presidency of Al-Nasr Saudi Club … Here is the truth


He recently got up Mansour Al-Balawi The former president of Al-Ittihad club about the truth about what is going on around him in terms of speculation about running the race to run for the presidency of Al-Nasr Club, especially after the icon of the Tigers was shown in order to take over the task of rearranging the papers inside the walls of Al-Nasr Club, and this came a few hours after the Ministry of Sports issued a decision Global board solution.

Mansour Al-Balawi explains the fact that he is running for the presidency of the Saudi victory

The Ministry of Sports suspended the membership of the President of Al-Nasr Club, Dr. Safwan Al-Swaiket, in addition to issuing a decision to dissolve the Board of Directors of Asfar Al-Riyadh, and it indicated that the reason behind those decisions is to reveal the presence of some violations committed by the former Chairman of the Council, which came on top of these violations Exceeding the statutory authority, by working on taking decisions individually.

Sports journalist Muhammad Al-Bukairi clarified through his personal account on the social networking site for the short blogs “Twitter” Monday evening, based on a phone call between him and one of the private sources to confirm the denial of Mansour Al-Balawi, the former president of the federation, of what is being circulated during the past few days about his nomination of He postponed the presidency of Al-Nasr Club, to succeed the club president.

In the end, Al-Bukairi, who is close to the former head of the Dean, was able to resolve the controversy surrounding the nomination for the Presidency of the Tigers, and he said regarding this matter: “Al-Balawi confirmed that he is a son of the Federal House, thanking in the same context the appreciation of the fans of the Nasraoui House for their positive reaction.”


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