Dina El Sherbiny surprised the audience with big changes in her appearance! (Watch) – Norte newspaper


The artist participated Dina El-Sherbiny Her audience and followers through the personal memory “Story” for her official account on the famous photo and video exchange site “InstagramWith a picture that appeared in a classic look, where she changed her hair color to golden and looked completely different.

The pioneers of social networking sites have traded during the past few days a video clip ofDina El-Sherbiny The same was the same for a look during her birthday celebration in a mini-party attended by a number of her close friends, including Khaled Selim, Tariq Al-Erian, Yasmine Rais, Tamer Morsi and his wife Nisreen Emam

In another context, news spread during the past hours confirming the existence of reconciliation attempts between the Egyptian singer, Amr diab, والفنانة Dina El-Sherbiny. Sources close to the separated duo revealed, “There have been attempts during the past few days to restore their relationship, after the two separated, since the end of last October.”

The sources explained that, “during the sessions Amr diab With his close friends during the past few days, specifically after his return from the UAE, some people tried to bring points of view between Diab and Al-Sharbini closer, but all these endeavors ended with Amr’s refusal, and he said to one of them, “Let us be flat,” a metaphor for his new song, “Oh I, Oh No.” , Whose beginning says, “Let us simplify.”

On the technical level, the company producingQasr al-Nil series“For the star Dina El-SherbinyThe official poster of the work to be shown in a month Ramadan 2021And Dina El Sherbiny appeared alone on the poster, wearing classic clothes, as the events of the series take place in the sixties of the last century in a framework of suspense, excitement and mystery.


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