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The dubbing of the Arabic version of the cartoon Soul, which is nominated for the Oscar for Best Film in 2020, according to the standards and terms of the Disney company that produces it, has ended, and it will be presented to I tunes and OSN tomorrow, March 26.

Arabic director Adham Sayed told “The criteria for choosing the stars’ voice in any dubbed work are subject to specific criteria, the most important of which are the appropriate tone, the age of the character and also the color of the skin, in addition to the extent of the consistency of the sounds together. Complete until the ear feels comfortable. ”

See the heroes of the dubbed version of the movie Soul

He continued: We are always trying to choose new stars to present the characters, and this time all the participating stars have previously participated in dubbing or providing voices in previous works, and this film is an opportunity for everyone.

Regarding the phrase “the wonderful Egyptian creators who have passionately and passionately presenting an Arabic version worthy of the Disney audience and the luxury of the film within the possibilities and conditions available to them from Disney”, Adham Sayed continued, saying: “The producing company sets its conditions for the Arabization of the film, and the most important of which is the proportion of colloquial and classical speech,” Also, the characters of (Joe), (22), (Jerry), (Terry) and (Moon Wind) had conditions in choosing them, so we sent 3 votes to the mother company, from which she chose the most appropriate one. ”

He added: We are governed by specific Disney terms and working guides.

It is noteworthy that Adham Sayed, the founder of ShakeSphere Cultural Hub, began his career as a voice actor for ten years and director of dubbing for four years, born February 14, 1993, holds a BA from the Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language, Cairo University, and received intensive theater training in New York University Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the United States.

Adham Sayed has presented more than 100 projects throughout his career, and the most important films he worked on are: Incredibles 2 (co-director and Arabic script writer), Ralph Breaks the Internet (joint Arab director and screenwriter), Toy Story 4 (assistant director), Frozen 2 (Assistant Director), Onward (Arabic script director and writer), Spirited Away (Director), Soul (Arabic director and screenwriter).

While he wrote several songs for many Disney, Netflix and Nickelodeon projects, including the final song The Voice Kids in 2018.

Besides being a director and playwright, he is also an actor and theater director since 2011, and was a senior translator and member of the executive committee of the Cairo International Festival of Contemporary and Experimental Theater four years ago. Syed was shortlisted for the Kevin Spacey’s Home Grown Program in Sharjah, in addition to being selected for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) with the US Embassy to spend an intensive month in the United States studying theater. Adham is now working to bring both the musicals The Woods and Notre Dame de Paris on stage after writing them into Egyptian Arabic.


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