Disagreement over the priority of entering the Holocaust .. The Ministry of Interior announces the circumstances of an arms fight in Port Said


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The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was circulating on social media regarding unidentified people firing bullets in a fight in Port Said, and announced the arrest of the perpetrators of the incident.

The ministry said in a statement issued early this morning, Wednesday, that “within the framework of the internal apparatuss efforts to uncover the circumstances of what was circulated on one of the pages on social networking sites regarding a video clip in which unknown persons were firing bullets in a fight, as well as the circulation of news on one of the sites. Al-Akhbariya under the title “A firearms quarrel at the Port Said Holocaust,” the Public Security Sector and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Port Said Security Directorate carried out an examination, and a quarrel had occurred between a group of people due to priority access to the incinerator (the health dump of narcotic drugs) located in the South Division First district.

She added, “As a result, a (unemployed” person with criminal information “- resident of the Southern Department Department) was wounded with a bullet, and he was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

She added that “the parties to the quarrel were identified and seized, and it was found that they (7 unemployed” with criminal information “- residents of the suburbs and flowers department), and in possession of firearms used in the commission of the incident (automatic rifle – shotgun – a local individual – 13 different rounds – 480 narcotic tablets) Confronted, they confessed to the incident, and legal measures were taken.

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