Disclosure of the cause of death of Diana, daughter of Jumana Murad


The death of the girl, Diana, shocked the actress Jumana Murad Many art audiences, especially since the baby girl has not yet completed her first year.

Jumana announced the day before yesterday, Monday, of the death of her daughter, at the age of several months, through her official account on the “Instagram” website, without revealing the cause of death.

Sources close to the superstar Joumana Murad revealed to “my lady” that the baby had gone through a health crisis that had beset her since her birth, and that the Syrian actress had been presenting her daughter to doctors since her birth, but she did not reveal to those close to her the nature of the health crisis she was exposed to.

Jumana Murad revealed the first picture of her twin children, Ali and Diana, last October, and told for the first time why there were no signs of pregnancy on her while participating in the series “Betrayal of Eid” in the Ramadan 2020 drama season, confirming that her slim body and filming work during the first months of pregnancy helped her To hide the features of pregnancy, revealing that she and her two children went through difficult health conditions, especially in light of her delivery two days before the start of the seventh month.

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