Do you want a vaccine and are afraid of side effects? … here’s the equation to know


Some refuse to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, due to the side effects that they worry they will face if taken.

The American “Business Insider” website stated that determining the side effects of the vaccine differs from one person to another, and depends on his age, gender and health.

And when Freedom Bird received its first dose of the vaccine Moderna Last February, you weren’t sure what side effects you might be experiencing.

Bird had been infected with the virus and had suffered from pain for about a year, and like most of those who were infected with the Coronavirus, her body was more responsive to the second dose than the first, which made her suffer a lot.

On average, people experience more side effects in the second dose than in the first.

While clinical trials showed that people over the age of 55 develop minor side effects, Freedom’s experience was different. Although he was 56 years old, it faced difficult side effects.

He said the first day after the second dose was tough, like getting the flu.

Doctors in the United States believe that they cannot predict how a person will respond to the vaccine, but they have developed some models based on age, gender, health status and the dose that a person receives.

And they say, depending on the side effects, that side effects are usually more pronounced in women and young adults, especially at the second dose.

The most common side effect among all vaccines in America is pain and swelling at the site of the vaccine injection, as this was reported by about 92 percent of the participants in the Moderna trials and 84 percent of the participants in the Pfizer Bionic vaccine.

Common side effects include wasting, headache, and muscle aches.

Experts say that women suffer from the side effects of Corona vaccines more than men, in a result consistent with the reactions of both sexes to previous epidemic vaccines.

In response, women have a stronger immune system than men, making it harder to interact with the vaccine.

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