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Doctor warns of


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The famous Russian doctor, Alexander Miasnikov, declared that papillomavirus can stimulate the development of cancer.

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“Many years ago, scientists from Japan discovered that cervical cancer is the most common type of gynecological cancer, and this cancer has killed millions of people, and it is an infectious disease,” Myasnikov notes in a televised interview.

According to him, about 50 types of this virus can affect the mucous membrane, and he says, “These types can affect the mucous membranes and change them, so that they become a focus for the development of cancer.”

And he adds, explaining, after this virus penetrates into the cell, it enters the DNA, causing mutations, and as a result, the cell begins to turn into a cancer cell.

The doctor stresses that, in addition to cervical cancer, the papillomavirus can cause throat, head and neck cancer, and penile cancer in men.

To prevent the virus, the doctor suggests vaccination against it, indicating that the current vaccine can combat all viruses that cause cancerous tumors.

Source: Novosti

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