Does Afsha live on the memories of “the judge”? .. 4 scenes that prove the opposite


A lot of opinions were scattered in the last period indicating that Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” lives on the memories of his goal against Zamalek, which he scored in the African Champions League final in the last version, at the deadly time of the match, to win Al-Ahly with two goals against a goal and crowned the African Champions League for the ninth time In its history after an absence of years.

Except that what he gave Fasha With Al-Ahly this season, the opposite has proven, and it has also proven that the Al-Ahly playmaker is the man of difficult times, especially since the goals he scored or made came at the times that Al-Ahly needed them most during matches.

Fashia numbers with Al-Ahly

Participate Afsha with Al-Ahly In the current season, in 17 games, 5 matches in the African Champions League, 9 games in the General League, and 3 matches in the Club World Cup, during which he scored 3 goals and made 6 other goals.

The goal of contractors

Considered Afsha goal With Al-Ahly against the Arab Contractors, it is another version of the goal he scored against Zamalek, especially as it came in difficult circumstances during the match, where Afsha scored the equalizer with a score of 2/2, after the contractors were ahead with two clean goals, before Mohamed Sharif added the goal The third was for the red, so Al-Ahly got 3 precious points.

Vita Club goal

The influence of Afsha was clearly visible to everyone during his participation with the red team in the African Champions League, and the judge’s owner succeeded in scoring the goal to enhance the progress of Al-Ahly in the Vita Club match that was held in the fourth round of the group stage, which Al-Ahly was in dire need of winning to preserve its chances of qualification.

Man of the match in two rounds in the Champions League

Due to his active role with Al-Ahly in the current season, especially in the African Champions League, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) crowned the efforts of Mohamed Magdy Afsha with the Red Team, and awarded him the title of player of the tour for two consecutive times during his participation with Al-Ahly in front of the Vita Club in the home and away matches.


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