Does the digital experience affect the customer’s preference for the company he deals with?


A report issued by a study supervised by “VMware” that included more than 9,000 consumers revealed an indication of the failure of some business sectors to attract the attention of many customers despite the great digital transformations these sectors have recently achieved, which appears in a state of dissatisfaction. It is spread among clients.

According to the study, only 29% of consumers around the world believe that the companies they currently deal with today give them a better digital experience than it was before the pandemic.

Some major sectors failed to provide a digital user experience that depends on the latest available technologies, and these experiences may range, for example, between retail companies that allow payment by card, to the ability to track online deliveries from the exit of orders from the factory until they reach home, or interact with applications New offering advanced levels of personalized buying experience.

However, what is striking about these results is that they coincide with the classification of nearly 64% of the study participants themselves as “lovers of exploring technologies” or as having “technical curiosity”, indicating the readiness and readiness of the audience to accept any modern technical offers.

The results of this study can be viewed from the perspective of corporate warning and appetite at the same time, especially since about 49% of them indicated their willingness to transform into a competitor if the digital experience did not live up to their expectations, compared to only 12% of the respondents who preferred loyalty to companies.

Matthew O’Neill, Industry Executive Director for VNWare’s Advanced Technologies Group, said: “There is no doubt that the development of modern digital experiences has played a fundamental role in the resilience of a large number of companies over the past twelve months. Completing this digital transformation, this latest customer opinion survey shows that a large number of companies are still unable to provide the online digital experience that satisfies customers, and those companies that fail to focus on developing the digital user experience will be the most likely to lose their customers – while Those companies that succeed in their mission will have all the playing cards they need. ”

These digital expectations of customers should not be surprising at all, as they are looking for high levels of protection and security for their data (65%), ease of use across various devices (44%) and the availability of simple and effective applications (39%). They want these companies to provide the right offer from the first experience, and even under difficult circumstances, more than 30% of respondents did not show a willingness to tolerate any failure to provide the first digital service, even if it aimed to improve customer service.

The opportunity also appears available to some companies that want to provide an experience that gives priority to the digital user, in order to gain the confidence of this segment of customers. Almost half of the respondents, 46%, welcomed the increasing use of virtual reality technologies by retail companies to review how products look if they were in their homes, while 43% saw their personal phones as more important to complete their financial transactions than their traditional money wallet – the percentage exceeded Half of the participants are between 18-24 years old.


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