Dora raises her fans’ concern about her marital relationship … what happened?


A number of social media pioneers shared photos that the Tunisian artist Dora published a few days ago on her own account through the Instagram photo-sharing application.

Dora appeared with her husband, businessman Hani Saad, and expressed her pride in him by commenting on him, writing: “I am proud of him.”It is striking that some of them doubted that Dora was living a happy life with her husband, and one of them wrote: “This person married you only to be seen with you and appear with you anywhere you go … On it, group, “and a follow-up had aroused Doras displeasure by commenting:” The only picture in which you laugh from your heart and your pictures remained from the day you got married. I feel the smile is artificial … May God please you. ”

And Dora only responded by saying: “No, it is not the only picture, and I do not publish all my pictures, and a person does not have to laugh in all the pictures.”


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