Dora responds to his accusation of marrying Hani Saad because of his wealth


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The Tunisian artist responded Dora Strictly on the comments directed to her on a number of photos that she posted with her engineer husband Hani Saad Some accuses her of marrying him because of his wealth.

Comments on the pictures of the artist Dora accused her that she would not have accepted to marry him if he was poor. This is a comment on Doras expression of her pride in her husband and his diligence in his work.

In the details, the artist Dora published a number of photos that she collects with her husband through her official account on the social networking site Facebook, and commented on them saying: I am proud of him, and Dora appeared in an attractive classic look with her husband, and received a comment from one of her followers saying: If he were poor, you would remain proud Happy, and no money to make us proud and proud, too much“.

Dora responds to his accusation of marrying Hani Saad because of his wealth

Doras comment came strong, saying: “I am proud of his diligence and dedication to his work, and it is not money that is a source of pride for a person.”.“.

Some other comments came trying to support Dora and advised her to ignore them completely.

Dora attacks her critics

Dora has faced many criticisms since the announcement of her marriage to Hani Saad This prompted her to attack her followers, sending them a letter with a sharp tone, where she posted a message in her personal account on Instagram, in which she criticized the attack..

Dora Zarrouk wrote in her message: “As for the people who pay for it to work for Vic accounts and insult me ​​on social media, or who work as a pawn for free … I have to explain to you that what you are doing will not answer any result on the contrary … You do not understand a need, failures and disagreements, see your life and expose your energy far away.” On my behalf, I do better for you, and God can honor you in another need“.

This message came suddenly, and it is the first message for Dora after her marriage in response to the attack she was subjected to after a torrent of accusations that she met during the last period..

Dora marriage

He did not pass Dora marriage From engineer Hani Saad easily, as he raised a state of controversy on social networking sites, especially after Hisham Hashem, the first wife, posted on her Facebook account, saying: “In response to the rumors, we divorced.” Dora the second wife.

This exposed Dora to many criticisms and accusations of causing the destruction of another woman’s house, which caused her severe inconvenience and prompted her to respond.

Dora participates in the movie “The Priest” with stars Mahmoud Hamida, Iyad Nassar Fathi Abdel Wahab and Hussein Fahmy Jamal Suleiman, and the work is directed by Othman Abu Laban, written by Muhammad Nair and belongs to the category of horror films in an action framework.

Dora participates in Ramadan 2021 in a series between Al-Sama and Al-Ard and indicated that the events of the series, although they are taken from a novel bearing the same name by the late writer Naguib Mahfouz, are interesting and were formulated with a dramatic plot that they do not want to burn in a way that will be reflected in the image that the audience will see on the screen with the start of the series..


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