Dust cover the sky of Greater Cairo and exciting sand winds that may reach the storm


The sky of Greater Cairo is witnessing dense suspended dust covering most parts of the sky, and the activity of exciting sand and dust winds that reach to the extent of the storm in open places, amid warnings from the Meteorological The country is exposed to severe weather fluctuations.

This comes at a time when the Meteorological Authority revealed that the country was exposed to the impact of a five-point depression coming from the Libyan desert heading east to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

As for the weather at night, cold weather prevails in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, and pleasant weather in northern Upper Egypt and South Sinai, and moderate weather in southern Upper Egypt.

As for the temperatures today, Tuesday: Greater Cairo is 30 degrees and Lows are 15 degrees, Greater Alexandria is 22 and Lesser is 15 degrees, Greater Matrouh is 21 degrees and Lows are 14 degrees, Great Sohag is 40 degrees and Lows are 22 degrees, Qena Great is 41 degrees and Lows are 22 degrees, Aswan Great is 42 degrees and Less 25 degrees.

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