Earth receives the first images of the North Pole taken by a new Russian satellite


Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of the “Ross Cosmos” Foundation, published the first pictures of the Arctic, taken by the new Russian satellite “Arktika-M”, which was launched on February 28, and Rogozin notes on his Telegram website that “the quality of the unprocessed images matches Completely with the expectations of the specialists. “

According to the RT website, Rogozin added, “The basic engineering and radiological information is processed directly by a scanner installed on the top, using special algorithms, and after this information is combined with the controller service data, the transmitter sends it to Earth.”

The first images of the Russian Moon of the North Pole
The first images of the Russian Moon of the North Pole

It should be noted that the scheduled service life of the Arktika-M satellite is seven years, and its mission is to monitor climate, hydrological and environmental changes in the Arctic region. It is equipped with two multi-spectral scanners to capture multi-spectral images of clouds and the Earth’s surface in the visible and infrared ranges.

The Arktika-M satellite is also equipped with a device to monitor and predict solar flare activity, the radiation situation in near-Earth space, as well as equipment to transmit meteorological information and signals from emergency radio beacons of the Cospas-Sarsat program.

It is reported that the Russian group of satellites to monitor the climate and environment in the Arctic will consist of two Arktika-M satellites, which will ensure around-the-clock monitoring in all weather conditions of the Earth’s surface and the seas of the Arctic Ocean.


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