Echo of the country: a non-royal birth … the granddaughter of the Queen of Britain puts her baby in the bathroom


Among the walls of the British Royal Palace, you may find many royal customs that do not even occur to you along with the luxurious life of members of the royal family, especially women, from the legendary wedding ceremonies they witnessed to the moments of the birth of princesses in the luxurious hospitals of England.

There is a common tradition in the British royal family, that after the princess or the wife of the prince gives birth, they are formally photographed with the newborn and the palace publishes a statement attached to the pictures, which is what happened with Megan Merkel and Kate Middleton, but this time fate had another opinion as Princess Zara could not Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne, great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth from reaching the hospital, and even gave birth to her baby in the bathroom.

Princess Zara Tindall, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, married with two daughters, was pregnant with her third child, who was a male, and according to what her husband Mike Tindall, an English rugby player, said, there was no time to go to the hospital.

And about the details of the birth process, Mike revealed on his Twitter account that he made contact with the midwife, at the same time that he was looking for a carpet for his wife to lie on after she got out of their gym.

Mike also said that his wife Zara was a “warrior” and had endured the birth in such a sudden fashion without going to the hospital.

For their newborn, the couple chose the name Lucas Philippe Tindall, after his grandfather Prince Philip.

The child occupied the eighteenth place in the order of the throne, because he is the grandson of the only daughter of Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, and the only son of Zara.


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