Education returns to the paper-based system for the first and second secondary school examinations


The Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed the regulations for holding April and May exams for first and second grades of secondary school students.

In this report, Sada Al-Balad publishes the most prominent of these controls in points:

Examinations will be held on paper and not online.

– Two combined exams will be held at the end of April and the end of May at the school, with secure and supervised committees, not at home.

The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions on a combined paper, provided that the answer is on a separate paper (Babel Sheet).

– Each student will be provided with a paper containing the basic concepts and laws of the subject, to be used during an examination as a substitute for the textbook.

– The grade of the second semester will represent 100% of the maximum score for the subject, and it is calculated from the average score of the student in the May and April tests.

The Ministry of Education also revealed methods of assessing and controlling identity materials for international school students for the academic year 2020-2021, as the school holds identity exams (Arabic Language – Social Studies – Religious Education – National Education) for international school students at the school level and under the supervision of the educational administration and approves Student results from educational administration.

Students who have not taken these exams before the suspension of studies are required to fully examine the curriculum.

As for students who previously took these exams before the suspension of studies, they will be examined in the curriculum and course of the second semester only.

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