Egypt .. An Egyptian channel fined one million pounds for Merihan Keeler


Egypt .. An Egyptian channel fined one million pounds for Merihan Keeler


The Economic Court in Egypt has ruled to fine Al-Nahar channel one million pounds in Merhan Keeler’s case, due to the video of the journalist Tamer Amin, and not to delete the video from YouTube.

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The lawsuit newspaper included that during the presentation of the journalist Tamer Amin of his program, the problem of the plaintiff with some players of the Egyptian football team was addressed by showing personal pictures of her during the episode, and in one of them a picture of her next to the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and he used expressions bearing a sexual projection on her and was likened to the artist Mohamed Ramadan and drove her through him that she harassed the Egyptian national team players.

Amin mentioned words that carried an insult to her and a contempt for her, which was seen by millions of Egypt and the world, which led to its circulation on social media sites in terms mentioned in the lawsuit newspaper.

The lawsuit added that the plaintiff suffered material and moral damages through what was included in the video, in accordance with the law, a request to compel the company to pay 10 million pounds as compensation for the damages that befell the plaintiff, and the company’s mistake in not removing the episode video from YouTube, demanding that he be obligated to pay expenses and attorney fees.

Source: “Today’s News”


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