Egypt dazzles the world .. Watch Promo the procession of transporting royal mummies with the voice of Hussein Fahmy, Asir Yassin and Amina Khalil


Posted on: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – 1:58 AM | Last update: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – 10:26 AM

Days and the launch of a great event that all Egypt awaits, which is the event of the Parade of Royal Mummies, amid great interest at the local and global levels, the historic event that millions await, which some described as the most important event in 2021, organized and directed by MediaHub Saadi – Jawhar.

In the promotional video, with the voice of the great artist Hussein Fahmy, and with the participation of Yassin and the artist Amina Khalil, the story of mummies, their history, importance and the most prominent stations of the entry of the sun and the battle of Kadesh, as Tahrir Square prepares on the third of April to receive the mummies in a majestic scene, befitting the Egyptian civilization, which is the oldest A civilization known to history, and the Museum of Civilization is decorated in Fustat to receive mummies, remarkably, whether from preparing the path or entering the mummies into the museum’s lobby, in a scene that the whole world awaits.

Millions pay their attention to this historic event, where a constellation of stars will participate in it, between shows, transmission, and visual and audio performances, to produce that event in a picture befitting the Egyptian state.


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