Egypt .. Learn about the journey of the Pharaohs in World Cup qualifiers


finish Egypt national team African Nations qualifiers won first place without any defeat and cut off the qualification card for the finals, and devoted himself to the most difficult stage of his career through the qualifiers for the World Cup.

And run the Egyptian national team African qualifying competitions Eligible to world Cup Qatar 2022, and Egypt is located in Group F, with Gabon, Libya and Angola.

Forty teams will participate in the qualifiers, divided into 10 groups, of which only 5 qualify to participate in the global forum, where the group leaders qualify for the final stage, which is held by direct confrontation, back and forth.

The Egyptian qualifiers were as follows:

The period from June 1 to June 15: The first round of Angola in Cairo and the second, Libya, outside Earth.

From 30 August to 7 September: The third and fourth round of Gabon in Egypt. Gabon outside Egypt

The period from 4 to 12 October: the fifth round in Angola outside Egypt and the sixth in Libya in Egypt.

And from 8 to 16 November: the second leg of the World Cup qualifying match.


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