Egypt .. The judiciary obliges the artist Ahmed Saad to pay 500 thousand pounds for toxicity Al Khashab


Egypt .. The judiciary obliges the artist Ahmed Saad to pay 500 thousand pounds for toxicity Al Khashab


Egyptian actress Sumaya El Khashab

The Sidi Gaber family court in Alexandria obligated the artist Ahmed Saad to pay 500 thousand pounds, expenses and attorney fees, to his ex-wife, the artist Sumaya al-Khashab.

The court issued its verdict in the “second” lawsuit filed by Sumaya al-Khashab against him, with the aim of obtaining the back of the dowry documented in the marriage certificate.

During the previous session, which the two divorced men were absent from, two witnesses affiliated with Ahmed Saad stated that since the start of the differences between the two divorced men, a mediator called “A. Al” intervened in a customary session, in September 2019, to end the dispute between them, and it was agreed that Al-Khashab would get a sum of money. 800 thousand pounds as dues.

On the other hand, two witnesses to Sumaya al-Khashab stated that there was a case of one million pounds in installments for the plaintiff’s apartment, and her divorcee handed over the value of the check to the court at the time of divorce disputes through the lawsuit filed against her. Sun between them, the incorrect payment claim.

Imad Lotfi Taher, Al-Khashab’s lawyer, demanded, in the lawsuit, to oblige the defendant, Ahmed Saad, to pay the value of the backside documented in the marriage slip, which is estimated at 500 thousand pounds, and presented to the court documents confirming that she did not receive her dues, after hearing the witnesses of both parties.

Al-Khashab’s lawyer relied on the failure of his client’s divorcee to prove that he had paid the sum of the back, which he had raised in the “pleasure and waiting” lawsuit, in which the Sidi Gaber family court decided to pay him an amount of 270 thousand pounds, in the lawsuit that it brought against him at a rate of 10 thousand for each month of their marriage Two years) with a legal marriage contract dated 20 October 2017, and after she was divorced on March 30, 2019, a first revocable divorce, her waiting period expired for the most recent period of “divorce or death”.

It is noteworthy that the family court in Alexandria ruled in the “pleasure and preparation” lawsuit in December 2020 in favor of the artist Sumaya al-Khashab with a sum of 270 thousand pounds, by 30 thousand pounds for a period of 3 months “several” and 10 thousand pounds “fun” for each month, during the period of their marriage Which lasted for two years.

Source: Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan”

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