Elham Shaheen attacks Ahmed Zahir because of the bold scenes … Here are the details


The Egyptian actress, Elham Shaheen, the artist, attacked Ahmed Zahir after his controversial statements about his refusal to present the bold scenes and described them as a bad thing going on in the life of its owner.Elham said, “It should not be mixed together, because religion has nothing to do with art or politics, adding:” We should not mix things together, and everyone should not speak about things that they do not understand. ” And the people of art, it is better to leave the profession and not be with them, and I do not like those who give religious opinions within art, this is one thing and that is another thing, “according to (her).

Ahmed Zahir had recently raised controversy because of his statements about hot scenes and kisses, where he said: “I am an oriental person and raise my daughters on certain red lines. It presented hot scenes, and as the restraints did not make for myself, my daughters had the same restrictions. ”

On the other hand, the presentation of the story “Hatta Mona” in the series “Zay Al Qamar” starring Ilham Shaheen, Ahmed Wafiq, Inas Kamel, Moamen Nour, Nihal Anbar, Sarah Al Shami, and written by Shahira Salam, produced by Tamer Morsi and Maha Selim, and directed by Hossam Ali.


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