Elham Shaheen: I love the strong personality of the lady .. everything that maintains her pride is highest in the eyes of her husband


Actress Elham Shaheen commented on her role in the story “Hatta Menna”, which she stars in the series “Zay Al Qamar”, in particular the scene of her husband’s confrontation with betrayal, saying: “I love the woman of this type in the series because I love the strong woman who rises in the eyes of her husband with Her strength and pride is because a woman is above her husband when she is strong, not when she is rubber.

Elham Shaheen said, in a phone call to the “Final Word” program presented by Lamees Al-Hadidi on the screen ON, That many of the expressions that I used in the confrontation scene are derived from the experiences of women she knows well.

Elham Shaheen continued, saying, “But I excuse some women who are promising treason because I do not have options and no place to go … But the truth is that when I love a man, I cannot bear another woman in his life, and I do not live with him just because he is a wanted man, I live with him and save and spend on me.” .

About the series, she said: “In the series, the model that Alit presented in the eyes of her husband when she faced her,” revealing that many of the messages she received on social media platforms of women told her that the story of the series summarized their lives, saying: “Almost no six of us did not go through these facts. .


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