Elham Shaheen: Mohamed Mounir, the voice of the authentic Egypt | Video


The program “Your Excellency” on the dmc channel showed a video in which the artist Elham Shaheen talked about her relationship and her family’s relationship with artist Mohamed Mounir.

Elham Shaheen said: “Mounir’s voice is the voice of the authentic Egypt. When I hear my imagination go to the Nile, the pyramids and our great monuments, and go to Luxor and Aswan and all their great cultural heritage.”

She added, “Munir can be the only artist in unanimous agreement from my family who are all old and young for his love. He is a friend of old and young people and knows how to get along with everyone, and he has one of the rare personalities. We are always in contact with Munir, and they rejoice. And he sits humming and singing and singing with him, finding one of the best times I spend in my life, and surely all my family will say the same thing. ”

And she continued: “All of Munir’s old songs, of course, are a great heritage. I enjoy them all, but his latest album,” Bab El-Gammal, “every song is more beautiful than the other and has a state of joy. When we hear the song, we want to sing with him, dance and be happy.


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