Elham Shaheen: The girls are not afraid to report the harasser .. their fear encourages him | Video


Actress Elham Shaheen sent a message to the girls, encouraging them to report cases of harassment without fear.

In a telephone interview with the journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “Final Word” program on ON Channel, Elham Shaheen said: “My girls self is not afraid of me. It must remain in deterrence to them, and in order to stop them at their limit, they must open themselves up, and it must remain in very crucial laws.

She added, “My film,” Curfew “on incest, i.e. a girl who is subjected to any kind of harassment from her father, brother, or uncle, or whatever degree of kinship, must speak and confront society. It is not the one who is at fault, the one who is at fault is the one who is afraid of the scandal, it is not she.”

On the model of a strong woman that she presented in the story “One Mina”, from the series “Zay Al-Qamar”, she said: “I love a very strong woman, and a woman stands before a man when she preserves her pride and dignity, not when she is overbearing. I know many women who know that her nuts are.” She is in a relationship and is straying because she does not scrape her life. I see this lady who does not love a man, and she does that just because there is a man who spends on her, and she will not be surprised by an independent entity, but I excuse her. ”


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