Elham Shaheen to Ahmed Zaher: If the people of art are not respected, then you should not stay with them


A while ago, the Egyptian star Ahmed Zahir made statements in which he said that he is an Eastern person, raising his daughters on certain red lines, considering that kissing scenes and hot scenes are bad going on, and adding: I made these restrictions for myself, my daughters, because they have the same restrictions.)

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He continued: (Every person is free in his opinion, but I, in my opinion, does not have a job, and at the time I will be exposed to a very important film, it was going to transfer me to a high place, with scenes that were not appropriate, and I refused it. As for my daughters, if someone put his hand on them, they would be struck by pain all along).

Zahir’s statements provoked the Egyptian artist Ilham Shaheen, who attacked him, saying: (Matters should not be mixed with each other, religion alone, art alone, and politics alone, every need remains alone, and things are mixed up with each other, and not everyone talks about something that you do not, even if you are not respectful of art and art people Don’t stay with them, and I don’t like those who say religious opinions in the face of art, this is something that is needed.)

Zahir was not mistaken in his statements, and affirmed his respect for all of his colleagues, and made it clear that he has the right and freedom to choose the roles that he offers, stressing his respect for the rest of his colleagues who present those works.

We are surprised by Elham’s statements attacking him, and we feel that a journalist implicated her with a poisoned question, in order to answer Zahir in this way.


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