Emirati actress knocks on “Oscars” doors in “Lady of the Sea”


In this regard, the artist, Fatima Al-Taie, confirms that she was expecting this to arrive the movie To Al Alamiah, since I read the dramatic text, saying: “The text was different, distinctive and honest, and director Shahd Amin has an insightful vision in choosing actors.”

Addressing the reality of Saudi society

In exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, Al-Taie explains that Saudi films are distinguished by their realism and their discussion of events that reflect the Saudi society, with the aim of addressing social phenomena and issues that are addressed by the events of those films, and drawing attention to them through cinema, whether that is coded or direct.

The Emirati actress hints that what distinguished the movie “Lady of the Sea” was its realism inherent in Saudi films, adding: “The film talks about an existing reality and suffering,” expressing her pride in being one of the members of the work, in addition to her pride in cooperating with director Shahad Amin and all the work team. .

Oscar nomination

Al-Taie warns that the film won several international awards and was nominated for an Oscar among the options for the first stage, clear evidence that the efforts made in this work have paid off.

Al-Taie, who started her journey in the world of acting in 2014, presented a distinguished group of works, including series (When Autumn Blossoms, Dubai London Dubai, Iftah Ya Simsim, The Heart of Justice, Majidi Ibn Zahir), and films (Sayer Al Jannah, Abdullah, Escape) Explains her next step, to contract a new cinematic experience, which she prefers not to reveal until the rest of the film’s heroes are completed.

According to her statements to Sky News Arabia, Al-Taie refuses to associate with the names of certain stars to work with them, stressing that she does not feel the stardom of any artist or artist until after she actually works with him, and the way he deals not only in front of the cameras but also behind them. Follow-up: “The real star is a star behind. Backstage too and this is what I hope to work with over and over again. “

Purposeful actions

She points out that what she aspires to is to participate in meaningful global works that will live for years to come in the long term, stressing her constant eagerness to work with those who believe in the message of art and present meaningful works.

In this context, she revealed her future plans for a new cinematic experience, which she will officially announce after the completion of the work.

Al-Taie concludes her speech with a wish that achieves artistic cooperation between the various Arab countries, pointing out that there are countless Egyptian actors as well as directors working in the Emirates that attract the talents of abroad, but in Egypt there is a commitment to include local talents in artistic works, calling for the adoption of Emirati artists. Dramatic and cinematic in Egypt .. Pointing out that Emirati cinema has valuable efforts to achieve international standards, but there are also wasted efforts.


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