England escapes Poland in a deadly time and continues its offensive


The England national football team escaped from the ambush of its Polish guest in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and snatched a precious and late 2-1 victory on Wednesday in the third round of the Group 9 qualifiers.

Today, the same group also witnessed the Hungarian national team defeating its hosts Andorra team 4/1 and the Albanian team against San Marino 2-0.

At the ancient “Wembley” stadium in the British capital, London, the England team was on its way to wasting the first two points in the qualifiers, but escaped with a precious victory through a goal in the dead time of the match.

The England team (the Three Lions) missed the chance to win the match early after it failed to exploit its superiority in the first half to score more than one goal and settled for a single goal scored by Harry Kane from a penalty kick in the 19th minute.

It seemed that the England team paid a dear price in the second half after the Polish team took advantage of a fatal mistake from defender John Stones and scored the equalizer by Jacob Moder in the 58th minute, to be the first goal against the England team in three matches the team fought in the current qualifiers so far.

But the England team snatched the precious victory with a goal scored by Harry Maguire in the 85th minute, to preserve the team’s full mark in the first three rounds of the qualifiers.

The England national team raised its score to nine points at the top of the group, and the Polish national team froze at four points, dropping to fourth place in the group.

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The Hungarian national team continued its pursuit of the English national team in the group, with the great victory over its host Andorra, with four goals scored by Attila Viola, Daniel Gazdag, Laszlo Klenhsler and Luik Nijo in the minutes 45, 51, 58 and 90 against a goal scored by Marc Pujol from a penalty kick in the stoppage time of the match.

The Hungarian national team raised its score to seven points in second place, and the Andorra national team remained without points after suffering a third consecutive defeat in the qualifiers.

The Albanian team advanced to third place in the group by defeating its hosts San Marino, with two clean goals, scored by Rey Manag and Frederick Vesili in the 63rd and 85th minutes.

The Albanian team raised its tally to six points in third place, while the San Marino national team remained without points after suffering a third consecutive defeat in the qualifiers.


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