Enppi Lamasrawi: Karim Fouad fined 100,000 pounds


09:09 PM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Ramadan Hassan

Abdel Nasser Mohamed, director of football at Enppi club, confirmed that Karim Fouad, the team’s player, was awarded 100,000 pounds due to his television statements.

“Karim Fouad was fined 100,000 pounds for his television statements without obtaining permission from the Board of Directors,” Abdel Nasser Mohamed said in exclusive statements to Masrawy.

He added: “The penalty was applied according to the regulations in force in the team, and the player was informed of the penalty, and we did not consider that the intervention took place while he was in the Olympic team camp, because in the end he follows the Enppi club.”

Enppi concluded, “We previously imposed a penalty against Osama Galal, a few hours before his departure to Pyramids Club, amounting to 150 thousand pounds for the same reason, because Enppi club refuses to show its players in the media without prior permission.”


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