Ethiopia begins deforestation in preparation for the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam lake


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On Wednesday, the Ethiopian Electricity Energy Authority delivered the scheme for the deforestation project with an area of ​​4,854 hectares of land, in preparation for its removal to begin the second filling of the Renaissance Dam lake, according to the official Ethiopian News Agency.

A spokesman for the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, Dina Mufti, claimed, on Tuesday, that Addis Ababa respects international law for the use of transcontinental rivers.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman added during a press conference that: “The resolution of differences must be through negotiations, and any change in the negotiation mechanisms must be in accordance with the declaration of principles,” as he put it.

He continued, “The American envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, informed us that we are proceeding with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam.”

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said about the Renaissance Dam crisis that Egypt is now in a negotiating battle.

“Every day, the top officials in the world assure them that we gain land, we are serious, and we negotiate for the sake of gain for all,” Sisi added at the press conference held now.

He continued: “We are on our way, and in the coming weeks there will be additional movement. I hope so for a binding legal agreement towards filling and blocking the Renaissance.”

President El-Sisi continued: “We don’t talk much, no one can take a drop of water from Egypt. Whoever wants to try is tested. Our life has not threatened us. Our dialogue is always rational and patient, and the instability in the region cannot be imagined by anyone. We are not threatening. It has a red line. ”

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