Ethiopia informs the US envoy of its progress in the second filling of the “Renaissance Dam”


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The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dina Mufti, claimed, Tuesday, that Addis Ababa respects international law for the use of transcontinental rivers.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman added during a press conference that: “The resolution of differences must be through negotiations, and any change in negotiation mechanisms must be in accordance with the declaration of principles,” as he put it.

He continued, “The US envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, informed us that we are proceeding with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam.”

A week ago, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed the need to seek to reach “as soon as possible”, a binding legal agreement regulating the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, “far from any unilateral approach that seeks to impose a fait accompli and ignore the basic rights of peoples.”

During a press conference with his Burundian counterpart, Evarist Ndayishimi, Al-Sisi referred to the existing cooperation between the two countries in the field of water resources and irrigation, and the joint efforts to maximize the sustainable utilization of the Nile River resources.

He also affirmed Egypt’s vision “to make the Nile River a source of cooperation and development, as a lifeline for all the people of the Nile Basin countries.”

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