“EVER GIVEN” confirms the re-floatation of its delinquent ship and thanks him


11:19 PM

Monday 29th March 2021

Cairo – (A & A):

“EVER GIVEN” Line confirmed that its delinquent ship in the Suez Canal has been successfully floated again at three and four minutes in the evening Cairo time, expressing its happiness with that step.

The company said – in a statement issued today – that the ship will be stationed in another location in the Bitter Lakes to ensure its seaworthiness, and to determine the possibility of its ability to fulfill shipping services, noting that the decisions related to the cargo of the ship will be decided upon the completion of the technical checks.

The company thanked the Suez Canal Authority and all parties concerned for the support and assistance it provided during these difficult and unfavorable circumstances that the ship went through, expressing its deep appreciation to the ship’s crew, who remained steadfast in their position, as well as the rescue experts and drilling teams for their high professionalism and huge efforts during the six days. Past; To achieve that positive result of re-float the delinquent ship.

She indicated that “EVER GIVEN” will coordinate with the owner of the ship to deal with the next steps after the completion of the investigations conducted by the owner company and other interested parties regarding the accident.

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