Exclusive and pictures – True Kite reveals the truth of her retirement from pornographic films, and this is her opinion of Mia Khalifa


Polish star of seduction indicatedTrue KiteThat the love of getting rich quick pushed her to participate in a number ofPorn moviesThe wage she was getting was not plentiful, and she did not reach wealth.
She added that the investment of her pictures on the Internet was more fruitful than the adventure of porn movies, and even nudity through social networking sites helped her a lot, and she was able to form very important bank accounts.
Kate added, “I was not able to stop participating in the championship of pornographic films, because delving into this field is not decided by a quick decision and the girl needs more time, in order to be able to retire.
Commenting on the retirement of the American of Lebanese originsMia KhalifaKate said: “Mia retired after achieving international fame, got married, and her name provided her with a great financial income, and I am walking in this direction.”


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