Experts: Elon Musk is the most controversial public figure on Twitter


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, technology expert Sam Gilbert said that Musk, the pioneering billionaire and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, filled the void left by former US President Donald Trump, as the most controversial celebrity on Twitter.

Gilbert says Musk’s combination of true global power – being the second-richest man in the world – and his Twitter fan base, which has 49.2 million followers, gives him an enormous amount of influence.

This was not new to Musk, and he was always controversial. He was even forced to step down as CEO of Tesla in 2018 after being indicted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an imprudent tweet. the problem.

The tweet at the time saw Teslas share price rise by more than 13%, but this was ultimately misleading, and led to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s conclusion that Musk should pay a fine and be banned from serving as an executive or board member in any public company.

Although it went through many complications before it passed off peacefully, that didn’t stop Musk from tweeting about other topics in a way that affects the financial markets, including GameStop stocks and cryptocurrencies during 2021.

Gilbert noted, however, that despite Musk’s controversial nature, it cannot be said that Musk violated any of the Twitter rules with his GameStop or Bitcoin tweets, so Twitter would have no reason to suspend his account.


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