Facebook and Google collaborate to connect the West Coast of the United States with Singapore and Indonesia


Tech giants Facebook and Google are planning to lay two huge undersea cables to connect the west coast of the United States with Singapore and Indonesia in a project that will link the world’s largest economy with the largest in Southeast Asia, according to CNBC.

FACEBOOK plans to use the two cables in the name of Echo and Bifrost to increase data capacity between regions by 70% and improve Internet reliability.

Google, for its part, said it would invest in Echo only. The cost of the projects has not been revealed yet, which is still awaiting regulatory approvals.

The Echo project is expected to be completed by late 2023, while the Bifrost is scheduled to be completed by late 2024.

In the same vein, Facebook announced last May plans to build a 37,000 km undersea cable around Africa to improve internet quality on the continent.

Google is also working on an underwater cable to connect Africa to Europe.

The internet search giant has another project, called Loon, to provide fourth-generation internet for rural communities.

According to what CNBC quoted from Reuters, the Southeast Asia region has added 40 million new Internet users in 2020, bringing the total number to 400 million.

The region’s internet sector is expected to triple, reaching $ 309 billion in total merchandise value by 2025.


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