#Fashion Police: Malak and Laila Ahmed Zaher in two elegant dresses, but! | news


Rising actress Laila Ahmed Zaher celebrated her graduation, and her sister Malak took the party with her, and they made sure to wear elegant dresses.

The two sisters chose two dresses designed by Hani Al-Beheiri, an elegant king’s dress was in black and transparent tulle, and she complemented her look with loose hair and makeup suited to her skin color, although it is better for a 18-year-old girl to wear other brighter colors.


As for Laila, she wore a dress with an embroidered fabric and also tulle in the chest and the tail of the dress, with the addition of shoulders of feathers, and raised her hair up.

It was better for the dress to be satisfied with the feathers and remove the tulle from the tail of the fitzan, it was not consistent!




It is noteworthy that Laila Ahmed Zaher is busy filming the second season of “Hazer Fazr” after she was chosen to present it instead of Hana Zahid.

As for Malak, she is busy filming the movie “The Knight”, which is the first tournament of the artist Ahmed Zahir, with producer Ayman Youssef after the success that the two achieved together through the movie “Dungeon 7”, which was shown last November and achieved great success, as well as success. What Zaher achieved recently during the series “The Prince”, last Ramadan, and “Louloua”, which is currently shown on the channel ON.

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