Fayoum University continues celebrating World Oral Health Day


Mustafa Al-Banna

Posted on: Wednesday 24 March 2021 – 4:46 PM | Last update: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 – 4:47 PM

Fayoum University continued the activities of celebrating the International Day of Oral Medicine, which was organized by the College of Dentistry, under the supervision of Dr. Mohsen Abi Al-Hassan, Supervisor of the College of Medicine, with the participation of a number of dentists and college students.

Dr. Khaled Atallah, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, stated that the university’s celebration of the International Oral Health Day included a number of educational and medical activities that contribute to raising awareness of oral and dental health for a large number of students and university workers by organizing a number of events and workshops. Conducting medical examinations, and providing health advice to maintain oral and dental health.

Dr. Alia Mahrous, Vice Dean of the College of Dentistry for Community Service and Environmental Development, added that the college organized several events and activities related to oral and dental health. These include lectures for students of the College of Early Childhood Education, awareness workshops for a number of college nursery children, in addition to providing a number of oral care tools for participants in the activities.


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