Female sports journalists in France denounce discrimination and harassment


Female sports journalists in France denounce discrimination and harassment

More than 150 sports journalists in France have denounced cases of sexual discrimination, harassment and intolerance against them, and said that they are frequently subjected to these matters by colleagues and people on social media.

“It is time for us, female sports journalists, to unite and put pressure” on the industry, wrote in an appeal published in “Le Monde” newspaper last Sunday, amid a global debate about sexual misconduct.

As the appeal stated: “We want to be in the lead. In 2021, a male-run sport for men and for men can no longer be tolerated. Treating women as less important people in sports press rooms is no longer acceptable.”

The sites indicated statistics from the most important French media monitoring organization, the Supreme Council of Audiovisual Media, indicating that women’s voices were only heard in 13% of all sports coverage on radio and television across France last year. Women make up about half of the total number of journalists in France, but they only constitute 10% of the total 3,000 journalists working in the field of sport in the country.

The French TV channel “Canal +” broadcasted a documentary film, Sunday evening, for a number of sports journalists talking about sexual comments, discrimination and harassment, and the issues they are exposed to, whether at work or through social media.

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