FIFA rules Massena eligibility to represent the Moroccan national team


The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) has agreed that Adam Massena, player of the English football team, Watford, will join the ranks of the Moroccan national team.

The Moroccan Game Federation said in a statement on its official website today, Monday, that it had received a notification from FIFA that it had approved the admission of Massena, who holds Italian citizenship and has played for its national team for less than 21 years, to the Moroccan national team.

The statement added that the Moroccan Federation had submitted a request to FIFA, based on its recent decisions regarding changing the nationalities of the players.

Massena was born in Morocco, but started his football career with Bologna in 2013 and joined the ranks of Watford in 2018.

The Moroccan national team is preparing to face Mauritania and Burundi in the fifth and sixth rounds of Group E of the African Nations Cup qualifiers, to be held in Cameroon early next year.


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