Fights similar to Troy and his cloak Saidi for Reem Mustafa and Amr Youssef’s beard are present .. Notes on the “King” promo | news


A short while ago, the official promo of the series “The King … Good Struggle” was launched, with which Amr Youssef will compete in the upcoming Ramadan drama.

The advertisement shows the atmosphere of the series and the story that we will watch during the month of Ramadan.

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The following are the most prominent remarks on the promo of “The King … A Good Struggle” by Amr Youssef:

1- The shape of the buildings looked closer to what was used in international films such as Troy, Gladiator and others.

2- The appearance of Amr Yusef, Majid Al-Masry and Sherif Salama with beards that do not match the Pharaonic era.

3- Huge battles and graphics for armies.

4- The battle scene is very similar to the battle scene in the movie Troy and the Islamic Wars series such as “Omar Bin Abdulaziz”.

5- The fire scene is very similar to the fire scene in the city of Troy in the movie Troy.

5- Actress Reem Mustafa is shown wearing a dress similar to a Saidi cloak.

6- Amr Youssef’s clothes do not look Pharaonic at all, as he appears in one of the shots wearing clothes that resemble the leaders of the Islamic conquests.

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