FilGoal | News | A member of the Zamalek Executive Committee attacks Al-Amiri: His insistence on removing Shikabala only from the hall is “irresponsible and racist”


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek Executive Committee, attacked Al-Ahly Vice President Farouk, describing his behavior at the top of the canceled basket as “irresponsible and racist.”

Abdullah said on On Sport Radio: “The Basketball Federation did not apply the regulations as evidence for facing Al-Ahly in the first round with a public presence, at that time Al-Ahly officials asked the technical staff of Zamalek to agree to hold the meeting for the sake of preserving the sporting spirit and rejecting fanaticism, this is what I asked the technical staff about and it was This is their response, whether Yasser Abdel-Wahhab and Samir Judeh. ”

He explained, “Zamalek is always a race to preserve the sporting spirit, as sport is an honorable competition, victory and defeat, and it is important to respect the opponent. The Basketball Association is the first fault, because it did not stress the implementation of the regulations without embarrassing the club officials for some of them, because the game federation is the one who runs the game.” .

The Egyptian Basketball Federation had counted the canceled summit match, with Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek due to the presence of fans.

“The second mistake was made by the vice president of Al-Ahly club and his insistence on removing the fans and issuing orders to his team’s technical staff not to play,” he stressed.

He stressed, “The strange insistence of the Vice President of Al-Ahly to remove Shikabala, an act indicating that he is irresponsible, because it provoked the masses, it is racist behavior because he insisted on removing a specific person even though he did not deviate from the general behavior in following up the meeting. This is an insult that we do not accept in the Zamalek club. “.

And he added, “The interesting thing is that what remained in the stands of those affiliated with the Zamalek club were fewer than Al-Ahly officials and their guests. We do not act randomly, we are an act and not a reaction. The Basketball Association has not adhered to its regulations since the first day.”

He concluded, “We asked to postpone the Zamalek matches until the appeal against the decisions is considered. Some are calling for us to withdraw, but we will not neglect our right. We have full confidence in the re-meeting if it is not counted as Zamalek’s victory.”


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