FilGoal | News | A source in the Egypt national team in the Joule: Al-Badri will not pay Ayman Ashraf unless he is completely safe


Ayman Ashraf – Al-Ahly – Vita Club – CAF Champions League

A source inside the Egyptian national team stressed that Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the Pharaohs, will not pay Ayman Ashraf, the back of Al-Ahly, until after full confirmation of his safety.

Press reports claimed that Al-Ahly was “angry” at the possibility of Ashraf, who suffers from a rough knee, participating with the national team in the matches against Kenya and Comoros, in light of Al-Ahly’s need for him in the Al-Merrikh match in Sudan on April 3rd.

The source told “Ayman Ashraf is undergoing a rehabilitation program in order to treat his minor stiff knee injury in the hope of preparing him for the Kenya and Comoros matches.”

And he added, “The national team, led by Hossam Al-Badri, monitors the player’s condition with all care and attention, and there is no rush to push him into training unless he is completely safe.”

And he concluded, “Ayman Ashraf traveled with the national team with Kenya and will continue in the camp as normal.”

The Egyptian national team is preparing to meet Kenya and Comoros on Thursday and Monday in the 2021 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Egypt tops Group G with 8 points, the same as the Comoros Islands, which are ranked second, while Kenya is ranked third with 3 points.

A draw against Kenya in any result is sufficient for Egypt to officially qualify for the African Nations Finals in Cameroon.

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