FilGoal | News | After a severe cold .. Ahmed Fattouh’s smear negative


Ahmed Fattouh sends a cross with Zamalek in front of Mouloudia

Ahmed Fattouh, left back of the Zamalek club, conducted a medical swab for Corona virus to check on his condition after contracting a severe cold.

And the swab that the player underwent with the knowledge of the Zamalek club proved his sample negative, to ensure that he was not infected with the Corona virus.

Ahmed Fattouh left the Egyptian national team camp for the Kenya and Comoros matches after suffering a severe cold.

The medical swab that the international left back underwent proved negative, after two scans he took before leaving the first team camp.

The Egyptian national team had summoned Abdullah Gomaa, left back Zamalek, to replace Fattouh in the Egyptian national team.

Egypt will meet Kenya this evening in the fifth round of the African Nations Cup qualifiers, while the team will play Comoros in Egypt on March 29th.

Zamalek is preparing to face Mouloudia Algeria next April 3, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.


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