FilGoal | News | Agence France-Presse: UEFA makes its decision on the new system for the Champions League next month


The European Football Association (UEFA) announced that it will make its decision on the new system of the European Champions League, on April 19, according to the French news agency.

It is expected that the tournament system will change, once the system change is approved, starting from 2024.

“The future of club competitions beyond 2024 will be one of the topics that will be discussed on Wednesday during the meeting of the Executive Committee,” the French news agency quoted UEFA as saying.

“The official decision on this issue will be taken at the next meeting of the Executive Committee,” scheduled for April 19, he added.

The April 19 meeting is also expected to witness Uefas decision on Euro 2020, scheduled for next summer, as it will withdraw hosting from any city that refuses to categorically receive fans in the stadiums, according to the same agency.

One of the possible changes includes increasing the number of participating clubs from 32 to 36 and changing the currently adopted group stage system, which divides clubs into eight groups of four teams.

According to the proposed system, the clubs would play a mini-tournament in one group, with each team playing 10 matches instead of six.

“The European Club Association prefers to grant new seats to champions from other leagues, while there is also a tendency to grant them to clubs according to their classification in the continental union, which would prefer clubs that have a history in Europe, but are suffering locally,” the French news agency said.


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