FilGoal | News | Ahmed Sami: I was upset because of the players’ criticism of the team’s list on social media


Smouha coach Ahmed Sami said that he was upset by the criticism he found of Egyptian players on social media sites criticizing the options of the Egyptian national team. And by “On Sport FM” radio.

Sami said: “Mustafa Fathi’s joining the national team made me very happy, and he has reached the highest position.”

And he continued, “His work with us is different from his way in Zamalek.”

“It is not possible for any player to be judged as invalid, but he must work within a collective framework. This is a very important factor, but rather more important than the capabilities of the player himself.”

He continued, “Because a skill without intelligence, a lot of the soccer player detracts.”

And he added, “The team’s options? I see that Hossam Al-Badri chose the best group that suits his way of working, and not joining a player does not mean that he is not good.”

And he went on, “It is possible that some players will be injustice, but what bothered me is the players’ tweets on social media sites criticizing the options of the technical staff, he must be punished by the Football Association, which annoys me very much, I am against this issue, the technical staff of the Egyptian team must be supported.”

And he completed, “Work and strive harder to join the national team in the future. The player must be convinced that injustice has an end.”

Hossam Al-Badri announced this morning, Thursday, the Egyptian national team squad for the Kenya and Comoros matches at the March international break. (See the full list here)


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