FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly explains: Why did he resort to surgery with Hamdi Fathy … and the date of the return of Muhammad Mahmoud, Nedved and Maaloul


Mohamed Shawky, the head of the Al-Ahly Medical Committee, revealed the reason for the club’s resorting to surgery in the arm of Hamdi Fathi, the midfielder of the team, despite the preference for conservative treatment at the beginning.

Shawky said on Radio On Sport: “As for Hamdi Fathy, after medical consultations with Ahmed Abdel Aziz, conservative treatment was welcomed.”

And he added, “To be more keen on his return faster, surgical intervention and fixation with a slide and screws have been preferred. He will be able to run and train without contact within two days.”

He revealed, “Hamdi Fathy returns to participate in the matches within 8 weeks after coordination with Ashraf Muharram, the doctor who performed the surgery.”

And he stressed, “Muhammad Al-Shennawi does not suffer from any injury, while Muhammad Mahmoud returns to the collective training within 3 weeks, and Karim Walid” Nedved “joins after returning from Sudan.

He concluded, “Ali Maaloul was supposed to return to Cairo today, but he preferred to return directly with the mission from Sudan after the performance of the Sudanese Mars match next Saturday.”


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