FilGoal | News | Al-Badri in the Joule: We have achieved our goal of qualifying for the nations of Africa .. But there are things that need to be modified and developed


Hossam El-Badry, the coach of the Egyptian national team, said that he had achieved his main goal of qualifying officially for the 2021 African Cup of Nations, but stressed at the same time that the team needed a lot of adjustment and development.

Hossam Al-Badri told, saying: “I thank God for qualifying and achieving our first goals, but there are definitely many things that need development.”

And he continued, “I thank all the players despite the great fatigue and the gathering of the national team at different periods, but we prepared for the match in a short time, and most importantly we achieved our goal of officially qualifying for the African Nations Cup.”

Al-Badri added, “With the passage of time there are many things that will be modified.”

On the Comoros meeting next Monday, he said: “We will give the opportunity to some new faces to add new elements to the Egyptian national team.”

Al-Badri completed his remarks, “I said before that this stage is difficult due to the pressure of matches for local or professional players, but we have achieved our goal and I thank them all, and the next is better.”

In press statements made by Al-Badri at a later time, he said: “Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids players are suffering from great stress and pressure in the matches, which affected their level in addition to the lack of oxygen in Kenya.”

Al-Badri stressed, “I am not looking for any justifications, but I am speaking realistically, and I certainly wished to win the meeting.”

And he added, “Muhammad Al-Nani and Mahmoud Hassan,” Trezeguet, “participated in the morning training only before traveling to Kenya, and Ahmed Hegazy did train only once with us.”

Regarding the non-participation of Muhammad Al-Nani in the meeting, Al-Badri said: “These are things specific to the team and it is possible to participate in the next meeting.”

The Egyptian national team tied away with Kenya, with a positive goal for the same in the fifth round of qualifying rounds for the nations of Africa 2021, to ensure formal qualification for the tournament.

The Egyptian team needs to win or a goalless draw with the Comoros to ensure the top of Group G.


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